Dr. Kal Gives Mr. Meltdown Raw Food Diet Advice

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Dr. Kalvin Chinyere is a well known physician, Author of Don’t Go Broke Weight Loss Plan and author of the health related site Dr. Kal’s Blog. If you don’t recognize him then check the archives of CNN which he was featured for his success for losing 130 lbs himself.

Today Doctor Kal is also a member of Team Meltdown and has shared a guest post with us all with some excellent advice on Raw Food Diets.

So with no further ado I would like you all to welcome Dr. Kal to Mr. Meltdown Dot Com!


Guest post from Dr. Kal from Dr. Kal’s Weight Loss Tips

Most everyone has heard about The Raw Food Diet at some point or another. Some of us may have been intrigued by it, while others may have thought of it as just another Hollywood celebrity craze (sorry Gwyneth). But despite its skeptics and cooked-food loving critics, The Raw Food Diet has proven its staying power in a world of fly-by-night diet fads simply because its not just a diet but a way of life that proves beneficial to the body, mind and soul.

The driving principle of The Raw Food Diet is one of simplicity. It’s about getting back to basics and eating food in its natural, uncooked, unprocessed state. The belief is that raw food retains the vitamins and minerals (which are drastically depleted when foods are cooked above 118 degrees) that are crucial to optimum body functioning.

Raw Food Dieters

Most Raw Food Dieters report having a body and mind that run like a fine tuned, well-oiled machine. However, like anything that is good for you, The Raw Food Diet is not easy. It’s a way of life which requires an attitude makeover that will transform one’s relationship with food.

Many raw foodists are vegan and some are vegetarian (meaning that they’ll eat raw cheese and milk) but all raw foodists are committed to the uniting belief that eating seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetable and whole grains in their nature and intended state, is a purifying experience.

Raw Food Diet Resources

For those interested in trying out The Raw Food Diet there are a number of websites devoted to this way of life that can give you an education in the health benefits of eating raw as well as a number of guidelines that can help you get started.

Raw Food Diet Websites

There are also several raw food diet blog sites of those brave souls who have switched to the raw food way of life where you can read about personal experiences with the diet as well as pros and cons to raw eating.

Raw Food Diet Blog

As eating raw foods for an extended period of time (or even a week for some) can get boring, there is also a plethora of raw food recipes on the web as well as several raw cookbooks that can help add variety to your raw food repertoire.

Raw Food Diet Recipes


A Raw Food Diet is higher in many nutrients than a typical American Diet. However, there are also some nutrients that some Raw Food Nutrition Plan is lacking in. These deficiencies include proteins, vitamin B12, calcium, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids. These deficiencies can be overcome by eating more of certain foods or with supplements.


I do not live a Raw Food Lifestyle. I do eat some raw foods. However, I also enjoy cooked foods, including cooked meat products. That being said, I would recommend a Raw Food Diet to anyone eating a typical “American Diet” who wants to adopt a healthier nutrition plan.

Weight Loss

A Raw Food diet can also help you lose weight. However, that weight loss is not guaranteed. To lose weight you must create a calorie deficit. You must consume fewer calories than you burn. If you eat too many raw food calories, you will not lose weight. In fact, you may gain weight.

It may also be hard to lose weight on a Raw Food Diet because it may be too restrictive. The meal plan requires that you eliminate many foods from a “normal” diet. These eliminations may lead to craving. These cravings may lead to binge eating.

I don’t like overally restrictive diets because they are difficult to maintain. They are also unnecessary. You can eat and enjoy any food you like. You must simply enjoy them in moderation and focus on the number of calories you are consuming.

Mr. Meltdown

It’s a good to stay on the Raw Food Diet if, and only if,

  • The Raw Food Diet is helping you to maintain a calorie deficit, AND
  • You can see yourself eating only raw foods for the rest of your life.

Any changes you make in order to lose weight should be maintained in order to maintain the weight loss.

To get more protein in your Raw Food Diet, you should eat more beans. I would also suggest you incorporate some strength training and other activities to help boost your weight loss and your overall health.

Dr. Kal is a physician who has lost and kept off over 130 pounds. On his site, he discusses obesity in America and presents weight loss tips.

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  1. Mr. Meltdown,

    I hope this post helps. Let me know if you have any questions. If I don’t know the answers, then I’ll find the answers.

    Keep up the great work. Slow and steady wins the race. Stay positive, persevere, and be patient.

  2. Thanks Doc! That was an amazing post with many great facts I needed to hear. I know that many folks may try this raw food lifestyle because they think that it is a cool trend. I on the other hand feel that it is more of just doing what is best for my mind body and soul. I once heard someone talking about how eating live food is much more beneficial for us than eating processed foods. I totally agree with that belief!

    That kind of turned on a light for me that made me realize that I wanted to change. This change for me is more about just living right and respecting my body more. So I really feel that this will be a better lifestyle for me in the long run to adapt to. I can’t predict the future but I will say I am going to give this way of eating a chance. So far it has been a blessing so I am going to continue my total transformation. Being blessed with educated people like you on my team supporting my efforts to lose weight leads me to belive that this time around I will not fail. Like you said, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

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