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by mrmeltdown on April 23, 2009


Welcome to my web page and my personal story of a challenge. What challenge you may ask? Well it is the challenge that faces many folks in

America and may even be facing you. It is a goal and challenge all wrapped up into one to lose weight.

That guy you see in the picture above is well you guessed it, that’s me. first off let me start by saying this is not the typical weight loss website that you may be use to.

This is going to be more like a journey and more like a reality show online I guess. So let’s begin with me telling you a little about myself. I started off using a blog to tell my story but after reading blogs until I was blue in the face I realized that they where just to commercial for me.

I wanted to tell my story without all the fluff you may experience with blogs. Websites are old school but this is what works for me. Now before you chop my head off yes I still read and enjoy weight loss blogs, I am just saying I am doing something a little different than most.

So I hope you all enjoy the website and keep up to date with my progress as I will make every effort to update my website weekly and even daily depending on my schedule.

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